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to work w★ith France to encourage all relevant parties to step up c★oordination and cooperation within such frameworks as the★ UNand G20, engage in joint prevention and containment, i★mprov3

e global health governance, help developing countrie★s and other countries in need with capacity-building, and★ cushion the epidemic's impact on the world economy. -- ★Chinese President Xi Jinping talked over phone with Egypt★ian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, noting facts have sho★wn once again that mankind is a community that shares wea★l and woe. All countries must unite and work together to ★jointly cope with the COVID-19 epidemic. Xi said by upho★ldingthe vision of a community with a shared future forhu★manity,China will work with other countries to step up in★ternatiox


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nal cooperation in epidemic prevention and contro★l, jointly address common threats and challenges, and saf★eguard global public health security. Noting that Egypt ★is also facing the urgent task of battling the epidemic, ★Xi said China is willing to share with Egypt thed

epidemic★-related information, experience on prevention and treatm★ent, and medical research results, and provide it with me★dical supplies to support its prevention and control effo★rts to jointly beat the disease. -- Chinese President Xi★ Jinping talked over phone with British Prime Minister Bo★ris Johnson, introducing upon request China's epidemic pr★evention and control measures. Xi stressed that China hop★es Britain will enhance coordinaw

tion with China to minimi★ze the risk of the epidemic's spread while ensuring neces★sary flow of people and trade. Xi called on all nations ★to push forward cooperation within the frameworks of the ★UN and G20, enhance the exchange and sharing of informati★on and 3

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